Consumer Products

Consumer Products

Comfort Foods Bring Back The Taste Of Home

Consumers look to comfort foods to slow down, relax and enjoy simple moments in a busy, fast-paced world. Newly Weds® Foods has taken comfort foods to a whole new level with our complete line of wholesome English Muffin and hearty stuffing crumb products. These classics have been staples of the Newly Weds Foods’ line for many years – and for good reason. Quality. We consistently deliver great texture, aroma and appetite appeal in every tasty bite.

Wholesome English Muffins

Wake up to English Muffins or enjoy them throughout the day! Their great taste and texture make them a perfect alternative to buns or sandwich breads and ideal for any day-part applications.

To meet the increasing demand for healthy lifestyle and better-for-you products, Newly Weds Foods’ muffins are lower in fat and calories than many other breads. Varieties include Original, Natural Grain, Raisin Cinnamon and Sourdough.

    • Available in 2 and 2.5-oz. sizes
    • Polybagged to retain home-baked freshness
    • Kept frozen or refrigerated for maximum shelf life
    • Pre-forked for easy separation
    • Kosher Dairy
    • Private label options

Hearty Stuffing Crumb

Any way you slice it, warm stuffing or dressing is the ultimate “comfort food.” As the market continues to evolve with exciting new single-serve and microwaveable products, you’ll find Newly Weds Foods at the forefront of the industry. Today, foodservice and restaurant operators are menuing unique signature stuffing dishes they call their own. From regional flavors to adding fruits and nuts, stuffing can serve as an economical meal, tasty side dish or a traditional holiday treat enjoyed anytime of the year.

Newly Weds Foods offers a complete line of shredded and cubed stuffing crumb styles. Look to us to help you customize a stuffing to meet the growing trend toward richer, bolder, more complex flavors for your foodservice or retail customers.