Newly Weds Competitive Edge

California Transparency In Supply Chain Act

Newly Weds Foods, Inc. (“NWF”) is committed to the goal of operating its facilities in a legal, ethical, and morally-sound manner.  Accordingly, NWF supports the underlying goal of the California Transparency in Supply Chain Act.  As with its entire business, NWF’ corporate responsibilities represent a process of continual improvement. 

Verification of Product Supply Chains

NWF’ Quality and Purchasing Departments monitor and review all suppliers through a Supplier Approval Process in an attempt to ensure that NWF suppliers operate their businesses in a sound and legal manner.  To that end, NWF directs all suppliers to accept its Supplier Qualification Agreement and Supplier Expectations Manual which collectively certify that products supplied to NWF are, inter alia, manufactured in accordance with applicable laws and regulations in which they do business. 

Supplier Audits

As part of the Supplier Approval Process, NWF’ Quality Department conducts on-site audits of select suppliers to monitor compliance with NWF standards.  In connection with NWF’ audits, suppliers are also surveyed regarding compliance.  Typically, NWF supplier audits are scheduled in advance; however, NWF reserves the right to conduct unannounced supplier audits.  NWF has and will downgrade the status and/or discontinue the use of any supplier which refuses to comply with agreed-upon standards and/or which are found in violation of the same.     

Internal Accountability Standards

NWF strives to create an optimal working environment for all its employees.  In so doing, NWF is cognizant of safety issues/concerns and applicable human rights, labor and employment regulations.  NWF’ Human Resource Department conducts human resource audits of all NWF facilities to monitor compliance with human resources practices and applicable laws.  Employees are encouraged and supported to report, in confidence, any suspected wrongdoings.  In the course of their work, NWF employees found in violation of any Company policy or law, including laws regarding slavery and human trafficking, may be subject to disciplinary action.

Employee Training

NWF employees involved with supply chain management, particularly supplier audits, complete training course(s) regarding human trafficking/slavery risk awareness, identification, and prevention/mitigation.  Upon completion of such training, NWF supplier audits will have an increased awareness to human trafficking and slavery issues.